Internationalising paramedic practice

‘It's been one of the best experiences of my life.’ This was a comment recently made to me by one of our final year paramedic students following an experiential placement in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Northern Germany.

Education and practice: a reciprocal relationship

This year, as we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Journal of Paramedic Practice (JPP), both the JPP and its international counterpart, International Paramedic Practice (IPP), have introduced some changes to remain ahead of the fast-moving wave that is paramedicine.

Long live the ‘king’?

International Paramedic Practice Consultant Editor, Vijay Guatam, takes an in-depth look at the benefits of the Advanced Trauma Life Support course and whether its latest 10th edition will bring the course in line with widespread evidence-based practice from around the world

Gazing into the crystal ball: pre-hospital care in India

In a personal whistle-stop introduction to pre-hospital care provision in India, Professor Vijayshil Gautam explores its multifaceted systems, with reference to its international context and future potential. From its contextual roots to its contemporary hindrances, how can the future of health care be predicted in such a fast-growing economy?

Breaking bad news: the need for a coping mechanism in paramedicine

In his role as National Ambulance Director, Peter Bradley states in the foreword of the National End of Life Care Programme for Ambulance Services (Association of Ambulance Chief Executives 2012) that ambulance services are crucial in the delivery of high quality care at end of life.

Sharing knowledge in paramedicine

The paramedic profession overall has transitioned from a patient-transport service to a specialised faculty of medicine in the last few decades.

Larrey Society—the global meeting place for paramedics

The Larrey Society is an independent cross-sector think tank formed in 2015 in England to help influence fit for purpose ambulance services to meet the needs of all patients in the 21st century. Its founder and chairman, David Davis, provides a background to the organisation and its global forum used by members.

It takes a system to save a life

Last month saw pre-hospital and emergency care professionals from around the globe gather for the first European Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Congress in Copenhagen.

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