Inquiry announced into disproportionate impact of coronavirus on BAME communities. 2020. https// (accessed 12 June 2020)

Williams DR, Collins C Racial residential segregation: a fundamental cause of racial disparities in health. Public Health Rep. 2001; 116:(5)404-416

Closing the gaps: #AllLivesMatter

02 June 2020
Volume 10 · Issue 2

In addition to being the editor of International Paramedic Practice and the Journal of Paramedic Practice, I am a South Asian woman whose parents were born and raised in Uganda, east Africa; the wife of a black African man from a tiny island called Sao Tome off the west coast of central Africa; and the mother of two mixed-race children, aged 3 and 7. Like many (I hope most), I am heartbroken by the racial discrimination and violence that are being brought to the world's attention with increasing frequency as instant access to smartphone cameras and widespread publishing via social media platforms have become the norm. As a human, I am deeply offended and ashamed that fellow human beings can be mistreated and killed based on their race in today's age after so much work has gone into abolishing such prejudice. As a woman of colour married to a black man and with two young biracial children, I am concerned about the world they are having to grow up in.

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