Mental health legislation: an era of change in paramedic clinical practice and responsibility

In Australia, mental health legislation varies from each state and territory, and while thes e laws promote the same fundamental principles, differences do exist in relation to the persons authorized...

Resuscitation from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in an under-resourced environment

South Africa is a developing country with an upper-middle-income and advanced emerging market economy (The World Bank, 2010; FTSE, 2010). In 2009, inflation-adjusted income per person in South Africa...

Prehospital care data for traffic injury prevention: what Pakistani research tells us

Accurate and reliable data plays an important role in assessing RTI prevention and control by providing burden estimates, building political will, and facilitating decisions for implementing specific...

Organizational models of prehospital care: experiences from Austria

We used a two-step approach to explore our research question. First, expert interviews were taken to identify current problems of the EMS-Innsbruck (Bogner et al, 2005; Buber et al, 2009). Second, and...

Paramedics in prehospital emergency medical systems across Europe

Each country has different names for members of prehospital EMS. We have classified and gathered them according to their skills. The EMS models, crews of BLS and ALS units, and trainings of EMS...

Assessment and treatment of trauma: an international course

Learn at your own place, at your own pace with the 2–6 hour online pre-course module which reviews essential information related to each type of injury. The on-site portion, presented in a convenient...

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