Alqudah MA, Alzoubi KH, Ma'abrih GAM, Khabour OF. Vitamin C prevents memory impairment induced by waterpipe smoke: role of oxidative stress. Inhal Toxicol.. 2018; 30:(4–5)141-148

JUST Paramedic Conference 2018

02 December 2018
Volume 8 · Issue 3


The 4th annual JUST Paramedic International Conference at Jordan University of Science and Technology took place last month in November 2018. In this Conference Report, Alaa Oteir, Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor from JUST's Paramedic Programme, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, shares some feature presentations.

This keynote presentation highlighted shared ambitions and collaborations between Monash University and the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). This collaboration continues to demonstrate important capacity-building for the paramedic profession in Jordan. The presentation outlined the outcomes achieved in the past 3 years from our current PhD scholars, highlighting the significance of their research and scholarship and the impact for the paramedic profession.

In this keynote presentation, Ahmad reported the findings of his latest study explaining that there are currently no evidence-based benchmarks for emergency medical service (EMS) delays in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). This review study sought to evaluate EMS delays and its impact on time-to-treatment in patients with STEMI, and describe system characteristics associated with these delays.

In this review, the authors systematically collected studies examining time in minutes of EMS-related system delays and its sub-intervals and included 100 studies (125 343 patients) conducted in 20 countries between 1990 and August 2018. The authors also performed a meta-analysis with random effects models to estimate the weighted mean (WM) delay time, and univariate and multivariable meta-regression to identify factors associated with EMS delays and the impact of EMS delays on time-to-treatment and the proportion of STEMI patients treated in <90 minutes. Findings showed that shorter EMS delay was significantly associated with a higher proportion of patients treated within the standard of care.

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