Differential rater function over time (DRIFT) during student simulations

To model the DRIFT, two mechanisms for fatigue to affect the raters were considered..

Obstetrics and birth: effects of experiences and gender bias on student test scores

This study include 12 090 paramedic students. In the PRE3 group, there were 2682 women and 5625 men. In the PRE4 group, there were 1285 women and 2498 men..

How student paramedics navigate a changing UK healthcare landscape

A qualitative methodology with a phenomenological enquiry was employed, with three focus groups. The focus groups, guided by an interview schedule, were facilitated by academics from the university's...

How report writing supports paramedic students' learning

The present study is grounded in the fields of writing studies and technical communication, two related fields where researchers study writers' practices and processes, and academic and workplace...

Acceptability and effectiveness of a 3D virtual reality cardiovascular lesson

In this study, the authors have demonstrated the design of a VR 3D anatomical model of the heart for cardiovascular education. When implemented in a PBL tutorial setting, the paramedical students in...

A novel approach to problem-based learning in a paramedicine programme

The educational design for this course was progressively reviewed and improved over a 3-year period. The senior lecturer in the course and the educational designer led the improvement process, which...

Work integrated learning in Vanuatu: student perspectives

‘[Professional practices] are manifest through … ethical conduct, professional decision making, client-practitioner communication, consultation and referral, and interdisciplinary team work …’ and,...

Exploring empathy levels among Canadian paramedic students

The aim of the current study was to assess empathy scores of first and second year paramedic students at Fanshawe College in Ontario, Canada. The authors hypothesised that in concordance with existing...

Developing transcultural awareness: student perspectives of a placement in Johannesburg South Africa

The placement consisted of working alongside a leading private ambulance service within the city of Johannesburg, as well as shifts within a government-run hospital emergency department. I was able to...

Student international learning experiences in Cebu, Philippines

There were seven respondents to the survey, all of whom completed it fully. Of these, 57.1% were female; 85.7% were aged under 25 years old (the remaining respondents selected ‘prefer not to...

That final fatal error: crew resource management

Pre-hospital care providers work in highly unpredictable environments in which they provide urgent medical care, often involving long, irregular hours and sometimes exposure to physical danger...

Learning about behavioural emergencies: an evaluation of paramedic textbooks

‘an acute disturbance of thought, mood, behaviour, or social relationship that requires immediate intervention as defined by the patient, family or the community’ .

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