Volume 8 Issue 2

Education and practice: a reciprocal relationship

This year, as we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Journal of Paramedic Practice (JPP), both the JPP and its international counterpart, International Paramedic Practice (IPP), have introduced some changes to remain ahead of the fast-moving wave that is paramedicine.

Student international learning experiences in Cebu, Philippines

Background: Universities are increasingly exploring international placements and learning experiences for paramedicine students. This has given rise to questions about the quality of student experiences overseas within the paramedic curriculum and how useful they are. Aim: This study investigates whether a university-organised overseas trip provided a useful clinical and cultural learning experience for undergraduate paramedicine students. Methods: A 60-question survey was administered, with questions focusing chiefly on clinical and cultural experiences during the overseas trip. Statistical software was used to analyse continuous and categorical survey data. Findings: This international trip appears to have provided useful cultural but suboptimal clinical learning experiences, despite participants' involvement in childbirth, emergency room presentations and blood draws. Conclusions: The different practice settings and cultural elements of the trip provided valuable learning experiences. A validated survey that would allow universities to evaluate and better understand the dimensions of quality in overseas paramedic student placements should be developed.

JUST Paramedic Conference 2017

The third annual JUST Paramedic International Conference at Jordan University of Science and Technology took place in November 2017. In this Meeting Report, Alaa Oteir, Assisstant Dean & Assistant Professor from JUST's Paramedic Programme, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, shares some feature presentations.

Long live the ‘king’?

International Paramedic Practice Consultant Editor, Vijay Guatam, takes an in-depth look at the benefits of the Advanced Trauma Life Support course and whether its latest 10th edition will bring the course in line with widespread evidence-based practice from around the world