Volume 7 Issue 1

Sharing knowledge in paramedicine

The paramedic profession overall has transitioned from a patient-transport service to a specialised faculty of medicine in the last few decades.

Breaking bad news: the need for a coping mechanism in paramedicine

In his role as National Ambulance Director, Peter Bradley states in the foreword of the National End of Life Care Programme for Ambulance Services (Association of Ambulance Chief Executives 2012) that ambulance services are crucial in the delivery of high quality care at end of life.

Paramedic students' visit to the Second International Conference of Applied Medicine in Jordan

In December 2016, Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) hosted the Second International Conference of Applied Medicine/Paramedic. The primary aims of the conference were to equip its attendees to deal with medical emergencies currently prevalent in the middle east, to optimize all aspects of care for refugees and victims of war and social awareness, and to promote the spirit of universal participation.