Hunniya Waseem, Junaid A Bhatti
International Paramedic Practice, Vol. 1, Iss. 1, 05 Sep 2011, pp 22 - 25

Pakistan is facing an increasing burden of road traffic injuries (RTI). Previous studies showed that prehospital care data could be useful in RTI burden assessment. Recently, an advanced prehospital care system based on international guidelines was established in Pakistan. Our situational analyses indicated several discrepancies in their data-for example, using single sheets for recording multiple patient data thus facilitating missing information; subjective reporting of outcome (stable or okay); no electronic data entry, and underused global position system tracking for identifying crash locations. Furthermore, no stakeholders were identified to use this data for prevention purposes. In conclusion, the great potential for prehospital care data has not been explored in Pakistan, and devoting appropriate structural and human resources could be the key for future RTI advocacy and decision-making for prevention purposes.

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