Matt Perry, Louise Reynolds
International Paramedic Practice, Vol. 8, Iss. 2, 21 Sep 2018, pp 23 - 31

Background: This study considers the impact of the Intermediate Ambulance
Care (IAC) Course on the development of pre-hospital care practice in Penang,
Malaysia and considers how the course contributes to professional development.
The research question asks what impact the education programme has had on
a rapidly changing emergency medical service. Methods: Using a qualitative
methodology-focused ethnography-data were collected from interviews,
participation and observation of pre-hospital emergency care providers and
medical professionals in Penang, Malaysia. Results: Four themes were identified
which describe how the participants' values and beliefs contribute to the increasing
professionalisation of their role in health care. Conclusion: As well as increasing
paramedic knowledge, there was an observable change in participants' values
and beliefs about pre-hospital care and health outcomes. This has contributed to
the professional development currently being experienced in pre-hospital care in
Penang, Malaysia.

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